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Asphalt Milling & Grinding

When the base course of your parking lot remains in good condition, but the asphalt layer has failed to a large extent, asphalt milling is an effective way to bring your pavement back to “like-new” condition with minimal expense.

The benefits of asphalt milling include:

Restores pavement to a uniform cross-section and longitudinal profile


Restores curb-reveal for roadways and parking areas that have had numerous overlays


Requires minimal traffic interruption

Reclaimed material for future use for a more sustainable environment


Lower cost than other similar procedures


Especially cost effective for large surfaces such as streets, highways, runways, community developments and large parking lots

Asphalt milling (also called asphalt grinding) is the process of removing some or most of an asphalt surface with an industrial milling machine. We’ve all seen this process being undertaken on our highways and city streets. The grinding machine moves the milled asphalt to a conveyor that loads it into large cartage trucks that transport it to nearby plants for recycling. Immediately afterwards, the milled surface can then be used as a driving surface or full depth paving can be done to restore an otherwise good road.


Driveway Maintenance, Inc. has specialized in asphalt surface restoration since 1956. In those, days, roto milling or asphalt grinding machinery hadn’t yet been developed but as technology and environmental awareness have changed, we’ve changed with it in order to bring our customers economical, environmentally-friendly solutions to their asphalt problems.

Asphalt Mix and Mill in Place (Full-depth Reclamation)

Mix and Mill in place is a cost effective means of totally rehabilitating a failing parking lot or roadway without completely replacing it. If your asphalt surface is experiencing large amounts of base and asphalt failure (depressions, pot holes alligator cracks), a full-depth reclamation may be an ideal fit for you.


During this process, our paving experts use specialized machinery to mechanically pulverize the asphalt and then we blend it on-site with the existing base material to produce a new base material. The newly-stabilized base is graded, compacted and paved with a new asphalt surface course, resulting in a totally revitalized parking lot.


Something to consider: if sidewalks close to your parking lots are also in disrepair, consider our concrete services as well.

Pavement problems that can be treated by full depth reclamation:

Cracking due to reflection, age, slippage, discontinuity and fatigue, as well as edge cracking, block cracking and longitudinal cracking


Ripples due to rutting, corrugations and shoving


Disintegration caused by potholes, bleeding and raveling


Insufficient structural capacity

Swells and depressions


Striping and separation of pavement layers


Excessive, low or defective shoulder drop off

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