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Driveway Maintenance, Inc. is the largest sealcoating company in Miami, Florida and is considered an industry leader in asphalt restoration, asphalt paving, parking lot installations, sealcoating and repair. We believe in well-trained personnel, top quality equipment and materials, and friendly customer service. Our customers here in Miami include office building complexes, educational facilities, hospitals, condominium and homeowner associations.


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Our Work

Professional Football Stadium

When a prominent professional sports stadium needed to sealcoat their parking lots  and interior roadways within a very short time frame, before the biggest sporting event of the year, they knew who to call. Driveway Maintenance Inc. dispatched the industries largest  fleet of sealcoating application professionals and equipment and completed the project in a time frame that  no other contractor could  duplicate. The project’s tight timeline was met.


Whether your project is big or small, Driveway Maintenance Inc. will perform your job no differently  than it did for  the prominent sports stadium. For 64 years Driveway Maintenance has prided itself on getting the job done on time.


Call us today and let us help you beautify and maintain your property the right way.

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They are on time always, there workmanship is great and there customer service is wonderful.



He is diligent and flexible on my requests and I am beyond satisfied with his performance. Thank you Alex!



Driveway sealcoated and striped my shopping center in Winter Park and did a great job.



Great sealing and quite a superb finish. I decided to hire them for my office premises as well.



Very professional and competitive prices!!! Love working with them!!!



They sealed my parking lot and did an excellent job. They are a professional company and they made the process very easy.

Serving Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Doral, Miami Shores and more!