Parking Lot Maintenance | Speed Bumps | Concrete Stops | Catch Basins

Parking Lot Maintenance

There’s more to parking lot maintenance than patching potholes and sealcoating. Speed bumps eventually need repair, the concrete in car stops eventually degrades and replacements are needed and storm drain catch basins require cleaning and maintenance.

Don’t wait until an injury or accident occurs on your property that forces you to address long-neglected maintenance–it’s going to cost you a lot more than if you take care of it right now.

We can assist you with:

Bollard poles and bollard sleeves


Car stops – concrete, rubber, plastic and recycled


Catch basin cleaning and drainage




Drain grate installation and replacement

Asphalt pot hole repairs


Catch basins


Speed humps, speed bumps, speed plateaus and speed tables


U channel posts


Contact us and we’ll send a professional, experienced representative to your business to evaluate the condition of your asphalt parking lot, including speed bumps, markings and signage. We’ll also look at concrete elements like car stops, curbing sidewalks and catch basins and provide you with a fair, competitively priced quote for maintenance or repair if needed.